Yannick Jacquemart has been involved in power systems technical and economical optimization for 20 years. He firstly joined EDF R&D to develop new methods to improve system security assessment. In 2000, he moved to EDF group Headquarters to take up responsibility for the tariffs team and negotiating with French Ministry and Regulator during the period of market liberalisation and activities unbundling. Five years later, he returned to EDF R&D as Managing Director of the Department responsible for designing and developing forecasting, optimization and financial risk assessment methods and tools for EDF. Beyond high value creating projects for EDF, the department explored the future of power systems, especially the impact of intermittency, as early as 2009.

Since the beginning of 2013, Mr Jacquemart has been with RTE, the French TSO, in charge of economics and prospective issues at the European Affairs Division.

Yannick Jacquemart gained a Degree in Engineering from Supélec, and followed this with an EMBA from INSEAD.