Pierre Mallet is the current Director of R&D and Innovation at Enedis. Below is an account of his professional career:

  • Diplomed engineer from Ecole Polytechnique and Ecole Nationale SupĂ©rieure des Mines de Paris.
  • Three years with the Commission of the European Union (DG Energy): work on the completion of the Internal Energy Market and on the development of cooperation with non EU countries.
  • Eleven years with EDF R&D: in charge of the Transmission Network Economics and Design Group during three years and of the Power System Dynamics and Control Branch during four years.
  • Local manager for EDF and Gaz de France during six years, in charge of power and gas distribution and meters management: responsible for power distribution to about 700.000 customers.
  • Presently Director for R&D and Innovation in Enedis, in charge of the R&D programme of Enedis and of the development of new solutions for the distribution network operation.
  • CIRED: chairman of the Technical Committee and of the French National Committee, member of the Directing Committee
  • Advisor of the Board and member of the Technology Committee of EDSO, French member of the Networks Committee of Eurelectric, French alternate member of the International Energy Agency WG on Smart Grids (ISGAN).