Fons Jansen

Manager European Affairs, Enexis Groep

Fons Jansen (1957) has a Master Degree in Physics (Eindhoven University of Technology).

After a few years at Philips R&D, he joined one of the predecessors of Enexis, which is, since 2009, a fully unbundled DSO (Distribution System Operator).

He has broad experience in several parts of Enexis: Marketing and Product Development, Regulatory Affairs, ICT, Real Estate Project Development, Smart Metering, Market and Sector Strategy, Asset Management and Public Affairs. Most of the time at the intersection of strategy and innovation.

Currently he is focusing on the development of smart grids and the roles DSOs should have in the European energy context. He is member of the Policy Committee, the Technology Committee and the Committees Coordination Team (all E.DSO) and the Electro Mobility Working Group (Eurelectric). Furthermore he is involved in some other European working groups/committees regarding TSO-DSO-Cooperation, Active System Management, Data Management and Flexibility and Markets.

On the agenda:

Breakout sessions 3 & 4

Main Room, 11:00