SINCRO.GRID is a smart grid investment project of European significance in the territory of Slovenia and Croatia.

The SINCRO.GRID project includes the deployment of compensation devices, an advanced dynamic thermal rating system, a battery electricity storage system, as well as a virtual cross-border control centre.

The implementation of the SINCRO.GRID project will increase the reliability and security of power supply despite the growing share of electricity being generated from RES.

Having demonstrated its conformity with EU policies in the field of smart grids, the project was selected in 2016 for co-financing under the Connecting Europe Facility call.

** SUMO DTR **

As a part of a new information system for “voltage and reactive power regulation support of the EES and dynamic monitoring of the transmission lines load within the SINCRO.GRID project” the solution SUMO DTR will be used (delivered by Solvera Lynx d.o.o.)

SUMO DTR provides the transmission system operator a new way to handle critical situations in the case of high powerline loads or potentially high powerline loads (N-1). By using dynamic line rating method, which is based on actual local weather and forecasted local weather, it provides the TSO operators the information on powerline ratings (how much a powerline can be loaded) that are on average 10 – 30 % higher than the nominal (static) ratings, that are currently in use by most TSOs.

SUMO DTR enables:

• Continuous evaluation of the actual capacities of powerlines.

• Potential increase of grid capacities is 10%-30%

• Better utilization of the existing power grid without compromising the security of operation

• Improved situational awareness of the grid (real time & near future, weather)

• Secure and remedy operation in changing the environment

• Decreased demand for costly actions (congestion management, line trip prevention)

SUMO DTR advantages:

• Implemented solution is non-invasive installation and DTR calculations – there is no need for switching off the power line.


• Short time to implement (6-9 months)

• Additional flexibility

• Complement Network Development Plans

Coordinator: ELES


Goals and description of the SINCRO.GRID project: