SUMO (Program Support and Services for implementation of SUMO DTR system under Sincro.Grid Project) the system for real-time assessment of power grid capacity, provides the transmission system operator a way to handle critical situations in the case of high powerline loads or potentially high powerline loads (N-1). It provides an option to better utilize the existing network infrastructure by introducing assessment of powerline capacity through Dynamic Thermal Rating calculations. These calculations provide on average 10-20% higher capacities and up to 30-40% higher capacities in shorter periods of time.

SUMO enables:

• Better utilization of powerlines without compromising security of operation

• Increased awareness of system dispatches in network operations centres about the critical powerlines in case of a failure of the most unfavorable element in the power system (calculated using N-1 contingency analysis tools)

The main advantages of the SUMO solution:

1.Dynamically calculated operating limits are based on local weather data along the powerline.

2.Dynamically calculated operating limits of the powerlines are calculated for each line span separately and following the weakest link principle.

3.Solution in this configuration has been deployed in the production state

4.System uses a holistic approach to determining operating limits within TSO’s operation functions. It integrates existing SCADA/EMS system, existing and new weather measurement sites, uses real-world tested weather module to provide accurate and timely weather input data.

5.All parts of the system are monitored, and input/output data is checked for inconsistencies or errors. The monitoring system issues an alarm or notification to act upon in case of alarm.

Coordinator and Partners

KONČAR (Coordinator), Solvera Lynx d.o.o., HOPS d.o.o.