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The changes that power systems are facing raise the need for a wide adaptation of operational processes and underlying softwares at grid operators. In this context, there is a strong interest in mutualizing developments by using pieces of mature technology and thus avoiding redundant efforts, lack of interoperability or poor evolutivity. PowSyBl and Dynamo projects will provide open source frameworks to pave the way to a new generation of power system simulation softwares. The ambition of the PowSyBl Project is to develop software “Blocks” that could be assembled to build various innovative, evolutive and tailor‐maid “apps” for power system analysis and simulations where each block is a compiled library (and source codes) made available in a repository that any project can use. Dynamo is a power system simulator based on a clear separation between modeling and solvers, upon the PowSyBl project and Modelica approach