NEXTSTEP aims to develop an innovative Secondary Substation. Main outcomes:

-Modular housing granting high thermal, acoustic, physical and mechanical performance, including: sustainable materials; environment sensors and smart management of natural ventilation; urban customization; green roof and façades towards that performance and CO2 capture;

-Solutions towards grid resilience: environment and electric values wireless sensors (energy harvesting, plug and play, interchangeable/ operable);

-A controller providing: modular and distributed architecture; monitoring and remote self-healing of the LV grid; asset condition monitoring; DER asset and street lighting management; automatic and agnostic smart meters mapping;

-A MV/LV transformer, according to Eco-design, providing better energy efficiency and lower sound power, using a new partial discharges sensor;

-Less volume MV cells, adapted to the previous sensor and to the new fault detector;

-A device suitable for flexible applications – at the secondary substation and throughout the LV feeder – for: voltage regulation; grid services support, e.g. harmonic distortion mitigation, phase balancing, compensation of voltage dips and of power factor;

-An energy storage system, according to Eco-design, for: adding dimension to the previous device function; bringing energy efficiency with capacity support during self-healing.


EFACEC Energia Máquinas e Equipamentos Elétricos S.A. (EFACEC Energia)


Eneida, University of Coimbra, INESC TEC, ITeCons, EDP Distribuição