The goal of the project is development of high-precision unmanned aerial vehicle-based modular system of hardware and software for power line condition monitoring. The purpose of the system is to allow power grid operators to have accurate information about the condition of their power line components and their surroundings, enabling condition-based asset / vegetation management and supporting future investment decisions.

The traditional methods for power grid condition evaluation use either ground-based or helicopter-based personnel for line evaluation. Laserpas aims to develop a system of aerial data acquisition and automatic data interpretation. The system would incorporate:

- A suite of sensors (multiple cameras, LiDAR) integrated into a single platform, designed for mounting on unmanned aerial vehicles but suitable for helicopters as well.

- A suite of software solutions dedicated to controlling the payload, navigating, processing, interpreting the results using machine learning solutions, and visualizing collected data.

The technology is expected to allow much faster and more accurate data collection compared to ground-based inspections while being significantly cheaper than traditional helicopter-based inspections due to higher flight speed, potential usage of drones and incorporation of AI-based automatic data processing solutions. Successful implementation of the system would allow transmission and distribution network operators to reduce their operating expenses through cheaper inspections and better targeted maintenance budgets, increase grid availability to the clients and provide accurate data for better future grid renewal or expansion investment decisions.

Coordinator and Partners

UAB “Laserpas” (coordinator)

Kazimiero Simonaviciaus Universitetas, UAB (KSU)