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Estfeed is a data exchange platform for the energy sector that connects data sources with software applications and allows access to end-consumers personal energy data with data owner consent (in most cases the owner of the grid contract). Estfeed’s goal is to share energy data with permission from data owner to third parties like energy service providers and software applications in order to initiate the creation of innovative and added-value energy services to consumers and businesses, e.g. energy monitoring, aggregation, consumption management, flexibility services. Data accessed through Estfeed enables companies to develop new services, as well as to improve their current offering, e.g. in providing more accurate energy monitoring information or with more accurate data enable real-time consumption management. Without Estfeed, companies would have to install their own devices, collect all the data themselves, and sign contracts with end-consumers to manage their data. What Estfeed does: • Connects data sources, applications and market participants. • Provides secure access and management of personal consumption data and related rights. • Provides 12 Estfeed data services for applications (related with the data sources linked with the platform: Electricity Data Hub, Gas Data Hub, Central Commercial Register, Electricity price (Nord Pool), weather forecast (Foreca)). • Promotes and connects smart grid applications that enable a more efficent use of energy sources.