eDREAM aims to research, validate and bring into pre-commercialization phase a near real-time closed loop Demand Response framework. eDREAM performs pioneer research towards a decentralized energy transaction and supply system, in which transactions are effected automatically (based on smart contracts), are recorded on a blockchain (focusing the private concept of blockchain) in a tamper-proof way. The decisions are optimized through the provision of advanced forecasting techniques on the top of a robust, scalable and extendable big data infrastructure.

The project vision is for a novel Demand Response ecosystem, where DSOs and aggregators cooperate, with a view to exploit to the largest possible extent the flexibility potential of a heterogeneous third party stationary and movable load assets, while keeping system reliability within prescribed limits and preserving continuity and security of supply.

The concept is in line with the recommendations recently reported by European Commission in respect to Demand Response status in several Member states, in which eDREAM foresees to play pioneer role in:

- Ensuring a smooth transition towards a novel market scheme.

- Enabling consumers/prosumers to effectively participate in community-based virtual power plants concepts, allowing from one hand aggregators to maximize the group’s joint potential as well as the possibility for direct trading of the aggregated load through new business/financial models.

- Provisioning next generation consumption/production forecasting techniques through the research of scalable deep learning methods that fully enable the provision of services related to micro-batch analysis and novel graph analytics toolkit to improve day-ahead and long-term planning of DR programs

Coordinator and Partners

ENG (coordinator)