The DSGrid project congregates knowledge from power systems protection, automation and control, ICTs, cybersecurity, real-time and embedded computing systems to address relevant functional (e.g. monitoring, protection, automation and control) and non-functional (e.g. distributed real-time response, reliability, availability and maintainability) requirements, and develop high-performing architectures, solutions and products for a third generation of digital substation automation systems.


- Develop a new product, a standalone merging unit, targeting data acquisition and actuation over local signals from HV/MV equipment, applicable to air-insulated substations without digital technology

- Adapt and evolve protection and control IEDs to address new requirements (e.g. cyber security and process bus digital interface;)

- Develop a new software product for the local and remote technical management of 2nd and 3rd generation substation automation systems

- Develop design and implementation skills of fully digital substation automation systems.

Related publications:

-“Application of Digital Technology in Primary Distribution Substations”, PAC World 2018 Sofia, Bulgaria 26-28 June 2018
-“Assessment of the Reliability of Digital Technology Applied to Primary Distribution Substations”, CIRED Serbia 2018 Kapaonik, Serbia 24-28 September 2018


EFACEC Energia Máquinas e Equipamentos Elétricos S.A. (EFACEC Energia)


EDP Distribuição, HASLab, INESC TEC, CISTER Research Centre