DA/RE aims to coordinate network stabilization measures across all network levels on a digital platform. To enable this kind of coordination, the platform will include a module for data exchange between network operators and plant dis-patchers according to the new European data exchange requirements. Further-more clear responsibilities and processes will be implemented for the activation of flexibility at distribution network level. Such flexibility resources are, i.e. gen-eration plants, storage facilities or major electricity consumers, increasing the total available flexibility in the system.

DA/RE’s concepts and approaches are based on:

• Efficient use of flexibility across all network levels for redispatch.

• Data management and data exchange through an open and transparent platform for network and plant operators.

• Congestion management through coordination across all network levels.

The pilot phase was launched on 1 April 2019. DA/RE’s Pilot aims to guarantee a high degree of practical relevance by testing the following developed concepts and processes:

• Developed IT and communication processes for the exchange of data be-tween network operators as well as data exchanges between plant opera-tors and network operators.

• Processes for the coordinated retrieval of redispatch power from plants in the distribution network.


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