The ADMS4LV project aims to develop an advanced distribution management system capable of tackle the most prominent operational challenges in LV networks, leveraging the smart grid technologies expansion to the lower voltage levels of the electrical power and energy system.


• Develop a data management and processing module to optimize system operation according to the available ICTs at the LV network level;

• Develop an automated event and alarm management functionality to support the system operator;

• Develop a fault detection and location advanced functionality

• Develop a power losses characterization functionality

• Develop a DER flexibility management functionality

• Develop EV-charging management algorithms

• Validate the entire system, and all the above-mentioned features, through a pilot demonstration.

Related publications:

1.“ADMS4LV - Advanced Distribution Management System for Active Management of LV Grids”, CIRED 2017 | Glasgow, Scotland | 12- 15 June 2017

Coordinator and Partners

EFACEC Energia Máquinas e Equipamentos Elétricos S.A. (EFACEC Energia) (Coordinator), EDP Distribuição, INESC TEC, CEVE (Electric Cooperative of the East Valley)