Day 1 - 13 May

  • 12:30

    Welcome lunch and registration

  • 14:00

    Opening session - Technology for Change, Change for Technology

    This first session will present facts about 2020 and projections for 2030: what do we know about the framework in which the grid will develop? Topics to be addressed include the hypecycle for digital and disruptive innovation technologies (batteries, e-vehicles), the innovation policy in place, the targets for 2030 (Clean Energy Package and Paris Agreement).

    Opening statements by Pascale Fonck, Vice-Chair of ENTSO-E & Christian Buchel, Chair of E.DSO

    Maive Rute, Joint Research Center

    Christoph Frei, World Energy Council

    Leonardo Meeus, Florence School of Regulation, Vlerick Business School

    Followed by audience poll and discussion

    Ana Aguado scholarship award - announcement of winners

  • 16:00

    Coffee break

  • 16:30

    CEO business track panel on innovation - The best innovation success, the best lesson from a flaw

    Innovation is not only about success, but also about learning from what went wrong. With this in mind, the CEO panel will discuss experience from the business life. They will refer each to two concrete projects on R&D they went through and that changed their life. What, in CEO‘s innovation experience, has best delivered, and what flaw has led to the best learning?

    Introductory statement by Mark McGranaghan, EPRI

    Yves Zumwald, CEO of Swissgrid

    Chris Peeters, CEO of Elia Group

    Ingrid Thijssen, CEO of Alliander

    Susanne Fabry, Head of Steering Energy Networks Germany, E.ON

  • 17:45

    Food for Thoughts - New perspectives

    Arun Kumar Verma, ISGAN Executive Committee representative from India and Joint Secretary at the Indian Ministry of Power

    Shuli Goodman, Executive Director, LF Energy

  • 18:10

    Power Network Innovation Award

    Laureates of the Power Network Innovation Award will be officially announced and will present their innovative ideas

  • 18:30

    Networking dinner

    Network with event’s sponsors and R&D Innovative projects exhibiting

Day 2 - 14 May

  • 8:00

    Welcome coffee day 2

  • 8:45

    Innovation for the physical grid: New technologies and grid planning

    Breakout session - Room Chaplin

    Technical & interactive session presenting top projects covering e.g. new components, superconductors, storage for the grid, digital twins for grid planning, HDVC/HVAC… How to ensure cost-effectiveness when implementing new technologies? Are we ready to plan the system with new actors such as storage, EV, DER ? …

    Session Leads: Rosana Martin, Iberdrola & Norela Constantinescu, ENTSO-E


    PLANET - Antonis Papanikolaou, Hypertech

    FLEXITRANSTORE - Nikolaos Bilidis, European Dynamics

    InteGRIDy - Javier Valiño, Atos

    PROMOTioN - Cornelis Plet, DNV GL Energy

  • 8:45

    Active Customer, Active System Management

    Breakout session - Main conference room

    Technical & interactive session presenting top projects. Will include a presentation of the joint TSO-DSO report on active system management and focus on innovation needs for deploying ASM & perspectives from stakeholders.

    Session leads: Torsten Knop, innogy and Gerda de Jong, ENTSO-E

    Presentation of the TSO-DSO common report “An integrated approach to Active System Management” - Mathilde Lallemand, ENTSO-E and Luis Cunha, EDP Distribuição


    DA\RE - Michael Jesberger, TransnetBW GmbH

    InterFlex - Christian Dumbs, Enedis

    Joint presentation of INTERRFACE & CoordiNet - George Boultadakis, European Dynamics and Manolis Voumvoulakis, HEDNO

  • 10:30

    Coffee break

  • 11:00

    Sector coupling and storage

    Breakout session - room Chaplin

    Technical & interactive session presenting top projects, in the field of e.g. electrification, technology mix, optimization among the systems, system of systems.

    Session leads: Fons Jansen, Enexis & Cristina Gomez Simon, ENTSO-E


    Osmose - Nathalie Grisey, RTE

    Arrowhead Tools - John Lindström, Lulea University of Technology

    EU-SysFlex - Helena Gerard, EnergyVille/VITO

    InteGrid - Ricardo André, EDP Distribuição

  • 11:00

    Advanced grids resilience

    Breakout session - main conference room

    Technical & interactive session presenting top projects in the field of e.g. cybersecurity, smart network maintenance, protection against extreme climate conditions & hazards.

    Session leads: Jan Okko Ziegler, Enel Global Infrastructure & Networks & Ioannis Theologitis, ENTSO-E


    FutureFlow - Darko Kramar, ELES

    MIGRATE - Hannes Munzel, TenneT

    SOGNO - Marco Pau, RWTH Aachen University

    RESERVE - Antonello Monti, RWTH Aachen University

  • 12:45

    Lunch break

  • 14:00

    Summary of breakout sessions

    Jean-Michel Glachant, Director, Florence School of Regulation

  • 14:20

    Power Platforms on the Rise

    What are the emerging power platforms? Presentation of some examples from ENTSO-E and E.DSO on emerging platforms and cooperation on platforms.

    Moderation by Ronnie Belmans, Professor at KULeuven, CEO of EnergyVille, and Executive Director of the Global Smart Grid Federation

    Mark van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit C2 DG ENER, European Commission

    Roberto Zangrandi, Secretary-General, E.DSO

    Laurent Schmitt, Secretary-General, ENTSO-E

    Natalie Samovich, Head of Research and Innovation, Enercoutim / Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)

  • 15:20

    Coffee break

  • 15:35

    Time to Market

    This panel looks at obstacles to deploying the future grid and how they could be overcome.

    Introduction and moderation by Michael Walsh, SmartWires

    Remko Bos, Council of European Energy Regulators

    Anjos Nijk, European Network for Cyber Security

    Jochen Kreusel, VP T&D Europe

    Matthew Williams, Faraday Grid

  • 16:35

    Closing session - Investment for a COP21 compliant grid: Recommendations for the Infrastructure Forum

    Presentation of the joint recommendations by Laurent Schmitt, ENTSO-E and Roberto Zangrandi, E.DSO

    Paola Bresesti, Technical Advisor for Electricity Transmission and Distribution, EIB

    Catharina Sikow-Magny, Head of Unit for Networks & Regional Initiatives, European Commission

  • 17:00

    End of conference