Day 1 - 5 May


    Welcome lunch and registrations


    Opening Session - Networks for the European Green Deal

    This first session will present the main pillars of the Green Deal and how it affects the needs and requirements of grid owners & users.

  • Opening statements

    Herve LAFFAYE, President of ENTSO-E

    Christian BUCHEL, Customers, Territories & Europe Director, Enedis; Chair, E.DSO

  • Keynote speeches

    Cristian-Silviu BUŞOI, Chair of the ITRE Committee, European Parliament

    Representative of DG Energy, European Commission

    Representative of the Croatian Presidency of the EU


    Session 1: The R&D dimension of the Green Deal – Horizon Europe supporting Green Deal in relation to innovation

  • Speakers

    Patrick CHILD, Deputy-Director General, DG Research, European Commission

    Hakon BORGEN, Chair ENTSO-E, RDIC

    Christian BUCHEL, Customers, Territories & Europe Director, Enedis; Chair, E.DSO

    Diego PAVIA, CEO, InnoEnergy

    Representative of ACER

  • Moderator

    Leonardo MEEUS, Professor, Vlerick/Florence School of Regulation


    Coffee break


    Session 2: How may I help you? System Operators and customers

    Developing new opportunities to engage consumers by promoting innovative market models, providing efficient price signal, better information through the meters and at the same time ensuring access to clean, affordable and reliable energy will be a major transformation for grid operators. How transparent are they? How sustainable are they?

  • Speakers

    David ZENNER, Head of Customer Relations, Elia Group – The Internet of Energy

    João TORRES, CEO, EDP Distribuição; Vice-Chair, E.DSO

  • Panel discussion

    Stanislas D’HERBEMONT, Project Manager, RESCOOP

    David ZENNER, Head of Customer Relations, Elia Group

    João TORRES, CEO, EDP Distribuição; Vice-Chair, E.DSO

    Representative of DG Connect

    Representative of Test-Achats

  • Moderator

    Stephen WOODHOUSE, Director, AFRY Management Consulting


    Food for thoughts: New perspectives/ Law of Diffusion of Innovation

  • Speaker

    EC JRC representative

  • Start-Ups Competition

    Representatives of Start-Ups will have 180 seconds to present their innovative ideas and to convince the public to vote for them. Start-Ups to participate:





    Zaphiro Technologies


    Networking dinner

    Cocktail & Dinner

Day 2 - 6 May


    Welcome Coffee


    DSO-TSO Open source and Open data cooperation

  • Speakers

    Laurent SCHMITT, Secretary General, ENTSO-E

    Roberto ZANGRANDI, Secretary General, E.DSO

    Stephan LECHNER, Director of Euratom Safeguards, DG Energy

    Shuli GOODMAN, Executive Director, LF Energy Foundation


    Session 3 - Projects Breakout sessions

    Evidence from innovation projects: 2&2 parallel technical & interactive breakout sessions centering around focus areas, presenting top projects and linking electricity to other players.

  • 1 – Grids for renewables

    How System Operators can help develop Renewable resources including offshore? Offshore grids state of play and which are R&I needs? Decentralised integration of RES. How to integrate DC and AC systems ?

    Session Lead:

    Paulius BUTKUS, ENTSO-E

    Rémy GARAUDE-VERDIER, Enedis

  • 2 - Active Customer, Active System Management

    Developments after 1 year of the ASM Report. What have we already achieved? What are the next steps?

    Session Leads:


    Torsten KNOP, innogy


    Coffee break


  • 3 – System optimisation: Sector coupling and storage

    Electrification, P2X, heating sector, Transport sector, optimisation among the systems. System of systems.

    Session Lead:


    Luis CUNHA, EDP Distribuição

  • 4 – Innovation at grid edge

    IOT? Aggregators? Prosumers? Virtual power plants? New Services or startups?

    Session Lead:

    Lorant DEKANY, ENTSO-E

    Okko ZIEGLER, Global Infrastructure and Networks, ENEL


    Lunch break


    Awards Announcements

  • 4th Ana Aguado Scholarship award

    Announcement of winners by Partners (Bernard Energy, E.DSO, ENTSO-E, Eurelectric, FSR)

  • Start-ups Award

    Announcement based on voting


    Session 4 – High level panel on Grid investments for the Green Deal

    The increased use of electricity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take advantage of market conditions would play out differently in different sectors: Large-scale opportunities may exist in the long-term, such as using electrolysis to produce hydrogen for transport or steel industries or smaller-scale but still important options for electrification include a variety of electro-thermal technologies for heating and drying. All in all, there is also a question of the limits of electrification and the corresponding need for other clean energies. ENTSO-E will present the scenarios of 2020 TYNDP.

  • Opening statements on grid planning

    Dimitrios CHANIOTIS, Chair of System Development Committee, ENTSO-E

    A view from DSOs

  • Panel

    Emmanouil STYVAKTAKIS, Senior Engineer, Projects Directorate, EIB

    Dimitrios CHANIOTIS, Chair of System Development Committee, ENTSO-E

    Representative of E.DSO

    Representative of ESA (European Space Agency)

    Representative of DG FISMA, European Commission

  • Moderator

    Frédéric SIMON, journalist and editor, EURACTIV


    Closing Remarks

    Mark VAN STIPHOUT, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Energy, European Commission

  • End of conference