ENTSO-E, the European Network of Transmission System Operators, represents 43 electricity transmission system operators ( TSOs ) from 36 countries across Europe. ENTSO-E was established and given legal mandates by the EU’s Third Legislative Package for the Internal Energy Market in 2009, which aims at further liberalising the gas and electricity markets in the EU.

ENTSO-E promotes closer cooperation across Europe’s TSOs to support the implementation of EU energy policy and achieve Europe’s energy & climate policy objectives, which are changing the very nature of the power system. The main objectives of ENTSO-E centre on the integration of renewable energy sources (RES) such as wind and solar power into the power system, and the completion of the internal energy market (IEM), which is central to meeting the European Union’s energy policy objectives of affordability, sustainability and security of supply.

ENTSO-E contributes to the achievement of these objectives mainly through the drafting of network codes, the development of pan-European network plans (TYNDPs), the technical cooperation between TSOs, the publication of summer and winter outlook reports for electricity generation and the coordination of R&D plans.

For more information: www.entsoe.eu | @ENTSO_E

European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids

European Distribution System Operators for Smart Grids ( EDSO) gathers 34 leading electricity distribution system operators (DSOs), including three associations, cooperating to bring smart grids from vision to reality and is focused on guiding EU research, development and demonstration (RD & D), policy and Member State regulation to support this development.

Smart grids are a prerequisite to achieving a real Energy Union, built on the EU’s ambitious energy, climate, security of supply, jobs and growth as well as internal market objectives. EDSO and its members is committed to taking on the huge challenges associated with realising these objectives, while ensuring the reliability and security of Europe’s electricity supply to consumers and enabling them to take a more active part in our energy system.

With its sixth anniversary held in April 2016, EDSO represents the key-interface between Europe’s DSOs and the European institutions, promoting the development and large-scale testing of smart grid models and technologies in real-life situations, new market designs and regulation.

For more information: www.edsoforsmartgrids.eu | @EDSO_eu

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