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Networks for the European Green Deal

The Green Deal ambitions to make Europe carbon neutral by 2050. This means a revision of EU targets in terms of greenhouse gases reduction, a review of the legal framework and an effort from all parts of the economy. The Green Deal also aims at leaving no one behind, ensuring a socially fair transition while delivering on Europe’s competitiveness.

This edition of InnoGrid will focus on the paramount role of Networks to make the Green Deal reality, while putting customers and citizens at centre stage.

New technologies need to take the next step: power electronics, dynamic line rating, smart substations, digitalisation at large, an effective cybersecurity framework are just some to mention here. R&D projects, pilots and breakthrough technologies will be at the heart of the discussions at InnoGrid 2020, presented through project promoters, TSOs and DSOs from Europe.

InnoGrid is, again, the MUST event for power network innovation in Europe.

Conference storyline:

  • Opening Session : Setting the scene for “Networks for the Green Deal”: where are we today, where do we want to be in 2030?
  • Session 1: The R&D dimension of the Green Deal – Horizon Europe supporting Green Deal in relation to innovation
  • Session 2: How may I help you? System Operators and customers
  • Session 3: Project breakout sessions

    - Grids for renewables \

    • Active Customer, Active System Management \
    • Sector optimization: Sector Coupling and storage \
    • Technology at grid edge
  • Session 4: High level panel on Grid Investments for the Green Deal

Join us for our annual Must event on innovation in electricity networks and block now the 5th and 6th of May in your agenda!

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